CalBank New Brand Identity launch – Remarks by MD


The Governor, members of the CAL Bank Board, fellow bank MD’s, Shareholders, Clients, Staff, the Press, ladies and gentlemen. This evening I address you with pride and honor, basking in the privilege of being the one launching our new brand identity. I have been looking forward to this day since the whole process of reviewing the CalBank brand started some 15 months ago. I am excited with the work done and happy to share this with you.

Where have we come from?

The CalBank brand continues to evolve and we are glad of the enormous equity the CalBank Brand has gathered over time. The CalBank logo/mark has transitioned from its days as Continental Acceptances Limited in 1990, then was reviewed in 1994 with another review in 1996. In 2004, the logo changed as part of the banks Initial Public Offer (IPO). The CalBank brand is fundamentally very strong and after 27 years is ready for the next stage in its evolution. Since 1990 the Bank has achieved a number of significant milestones and our transformational journey to become one of Africa’s leading universal banks is very much on course. From a strategic view point, CalBank has not focused on branch expansion, nonetheless our growth and expansion has seen us grow our branch outlets to 28 with over 100 ATM’s across Ghana just as our financial performance has also seen tremendous growth over the period.

Our team of specialized bankers and technical support staff have been instrumental in delivering superior banking solutions to our customers. Our energetic team has a rich story of building a truly Ghanaian financial company to tell. The story includes being recognized over the years with a number of awards from across the globe. The story includes having a number of Ghanaian bank CEO’s cutting their teeth at CalBank and being products of this great bank. The story also includes the building of an iconic structure to house the banks head office. The biggest part of the story will be the continuous support the bank provides to our society. Our passion for the betterment of the life of orphans gives us the most joy. Our partnership with various educational and health institutions in addressing selected social challenges will be told. The story will not end without the daily effort we put in to foster a strong bond of relationship between the bank and our customers.

Today we take a step closer to a vision which has modeled the way we deliver our business of banking. This vision is to connect better with our clients and deliver winning banking solutions. We want the CalBank brand to be remembered, it is our aim to make the CalBank brand a dependable brand but more importantly the CalBank brand should be loved beyond reason.

The review

Our evolution has seen us progress steadily and taking deliberate actions to achieve set objectives. Our three-year strategy; 2015- 2018 requires that we review the strength of the CalBank brand and invest in ensuring it continues to be relevant in today’s hyper active banking space. The review process has taken a lot of effort, time and resources and this has led to a new brand strategy that will propel the CalBank brand further. The process reviewed the Bank’s, character, ethos, values, IT infrastructure, service delivery and servicescape. At the end of the day we seek to

  • conduct a strategic review of the current brand, its values, personality and identity;
  • project a strong, differentiated and consistent brand image that supports CalBank’s positioning that will leave an unforgettable and memorable impression in the marketplace.


Where are we headed

The power of our brand is what sustains the business and as such was important to build on the strengths of the current CalBank brand and move it forward, creating a stronger, vibrant and more meaningful brand for our current and future clients, across different customer segments. The journey of building a bank that you will be passionate about requires that we continue to invest in the soul and fabric of the CalBank brand. We are excited about where we are headed. Our belief is that the next building blocks of the CalBank brand will deliver more sustained value for you.

With our strategy to continuously grow revenues, deepen our presence in corporate banking, become a leader in retail banking, introduce Agency banking and be a major player in the digital banking and payment space, our new identity will become the underpinning pillar to support these drives.

Going forward, a number of new initiatives will be introduced to enhance our clients banking experience. Already at significant cost, we have enhanced our banking IT software to a higher platform integrating more improved solutions that deliver a simpler and exciting experience. This software now sits on an equally improved hardware and database.

Our banking app has also been enhanced with a friendlier interface that gives you the peace of mind you desire because you are in touch with and control your banking. As part of this evening’s program we shall outdoor our new CalBank mobile app. It is my hope that everyone here will download the app use it and be a proud advocate of the benefits of this solution.

What are the major changes and their significance

In ensuring that the CalBank brand moves forward as a powerful beacon the various constituents that contribute to the image have been enhanced.

Core Values – We have reviewed our core values to being Responsible, Effective and Decisive (CalBank RED). Our core brand values define what we do and how we deliver this. They are core to everything we do and are a commitment to the standards we expect of others and ourselves. The core values have been carefully chosen to represent what we stand for and the manner in which we intend to deliver the highest standards of service and integrity.

LogoThe new CalBank logo is made up of two petals representing the letters “C” and “B”. The logo is made up of two key colors Yellow and Orange, the dominant being Yellow. This has been designed to effectively communicate the new direction of the Bank and its values.

Visual Representation – CalBank’s new visual representation has been put in place to ensure the bank’s image across all segments is accurately, consistently and enthusiastically engaging. This is to ensure that all our stakeholders can easily identify with our brand.

What is our new promise and commitment after this evening

Ladies and Gentlemen, as we introduce you to the new CalBank brand, it is our commitment to leverage this identity across our multiple touchpoints and deliver an enjoyable customer experience and engagement. We also commit to continually invest in the CalBank brand and build a truly differentiated positioning for CalBank with an enhanced brand value; Improved brand architecture, a stronger and competitive CalBank brand image.


Ladies and gentlemen, in conclusion, let me thank the Board for the challenge they gave us in our strategy and thank the management and staff for your dedication and commitment to live our new brand identity. I also appreciate all our clients for choosing to go forward together with us. A special thanks to our shareholders and all other stakeholders.

As I continuously say to my team, “let us ensure we leave CalBank better than we met it.” It is my firm conviction that this journey will propel us further and make the bank greater.

Thank You.

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