Revolutionizing CalBank’s Digital Transformation

As we entered the new decade, it was forecasted that the banking industry was going to change to reflect a more digital ecosystem. Today, digital transformation has become much more than replacing physical delivery. It now centers on customer experience. It requires financial services brands to seamlessly digitize the customer experience that had once been primarily delivered face-to-face in the branches.

Despite the complexity associated with digitizing delivery channels and the fact that customers have set the bar high owing to them being accustomed to the one-click convenience of leading online retailers, CalBank adopted new technology, advanced analytics, innovation and a digital transformation strategy whilst evolving our talent mix to develop new product offerings.

The all new CalBank App enables customers and non-customers to do so much more than just their banking.  With the CalBank App customers can send money to their friends and loved ones either in other banks or onto their mobile wallets instantly or can opt to use the regular ACH. Customers at just a click can also move funds between their accounts or push funds onto their own wallets or to other wallets. As a Bank we believe in partnerships that will inure to the benefits of our clients. To this end, to enable our customers perform their funds transfer seamlessly we have partnered GhiPSS by riding on the Mobile Money Interoperability service. The service is seamless, and transactions are done real time. The app interface is exciting, easy to navigate and user friendly. This service is all about creating convenience for the customer and making the Bank easily accessible to them as well. Non-customers are not left out. All they have to do is to link their Visa or MasterCard or their mobile wallets to the CalBank App in order to transact on the app.

We understand payment is part of the everyday life of customers. Our app was built in such a way as to enable customers to make payments for school fees, pay service providers and other merchants or third parties. Our payments platform was therefore designed not only for educational institutions but companies such as embassies, airlines, hotels and a host of other government agencies can use it to receive all their payments. Once an institution accepts to use our payment platform to receive payments such as school fees, the online version is integrated seamlessly into the school’s system so they can easily undertake all their reconciliations in real time from the platform which is robust and secured. Customers can also use the app to pay service providers and other merchants.

According to research in BAI Banking Outlook: Trends in 2020, only slightly more than half (53 percent) of financial institutions allow first accounts to be opened online, impacting the initial customer digital banking experience. It gets exciting to know that hitherto one would have had to visit a branch to open an account, but with the all new CalBank App, customers can now open a Snap Account online and have their account numbers generated for them. With their account numbers, they can access all the bank’s product and service offerings in-branch or online or at any of our CalBank Agent Outlets. It’s all about convenience with the CalBank App.

On the CalBank App and on the web are a host of virtual shops where customers can place orders to merchants, shop and pay for goods and services and have them delivered to them. One can either simply use the CalPay Wallet – an e-wallet on the app from which they can do all their shopping or shop from either their existing wallets, CalBank Accounts or from their cards. This e-wallet can easily be topped up from any Visa, MasterCard, MTN Mobile Money or CalBank account to facilitate all payments. To enhance our customers’ digital experience, is a team that provide timely support for all offline based transactions with our CalPay Wallet, the e-wallet available on the CalBank App.

Another exciting feature of the CalBank App is the ability to scan and pay for goods and services using our dynamic QR Codes on the app. Making payment via QR codes is extremely quick as compared to other modes of payment. All you have to do is simply open the QR code on the app, scan the QR code, and confirm to process the payment. Within a few seconds, the payments are made. Customers are spoilt for choice when it comes to making payments using QR Code on the CalBank App. Available on the app is a proprietary CalBank QR Code and Visa on Mobile -mVisa, a QR Code developed by Visa. mVisa by Visa Inc allows customers to make purchases in-store or online, pay bills and move directly through P2P transfers. For customers to be able to make payments via mVisa, they would have to link it to their Visa card — debit, credit or prepaid.

We know our customers appreciate convenience. With the CalBank App, customers can pay all their utilities such as Ghana Water Bills, electricity company bills, GOTV, DSTV bills or DSTV Box Office payments. They are also able to purchase airtime top-up from a host of Telco Networks such as MTN, AirtelTigo, Vodafone, Glo. With the App, you don’t need to run out of airtime accounts or data as you can easily purchase mobile data from Surfline, Busy4G or Vodafone BroadBand service.

Customers can also use the app to perform several functions without having to visit the branch. Such services include subscribing for our notification service or electronic statements, requesting for cheque book or even stopping a cheque which has been issued from being paid or downloading financial statement and so much more.

Through the CalBank App, one is able to locate our branches and subsidiaries, ATMs, Agent Outlets or merchants where they can locate our POS devices using their GPRS function on their mobile devices. Other functions that one can perform through the CalBank App are ease of directly accessing our Customer Care Team, access to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) amongst others.

These developments have been implemented with our customers in mind. To be able to support their changing lifestyle, we are supported infrastructurally by a robust IT platform which underpins our banking operations. In this age of Technology, after sale and deployment support for electronic solutions is a necessity and the very foundation on which customer utilization thrives as it builds customer confidence in the electronic solution.


At CalBank we understand that making the customer digital experience the best it can be is an important goal for progressive financial services organizations. To win therefore, we are committed to revolutionizing the industry’s digital transformation and deliver a superior online experience that will engage our growing customer base.

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