CalBank emerges as best bank in Customer Service

CalBank PLC has emerged as the topmost bank among the 23 banks in the country as far as customer service excellence is concerned, a latest survey by auditing, tax and accounting firm, KPMG.  

“In terms of satisfaction, customers of CalBank were most satisfied with measures put in place followed by ABSA and Stanbic and Standard Chartered in third position,” the survey report stated. 

Commenting on the report, Senior Partner, Mr Anthony Sarpong said: “Customers are the fuel that feed the engine of banks –from balance sheet stability to profitable growth and longterm sustainability.  

More than ever before, getting customer experience right creates an enduring competitive advantage not just for banks but all service providers whether in private or public sector.  

For financial services providers, it is a critical success factor, especially in this new reality and going forward. COVID-19 has disrupted businesses and their operating models. However, customers’ expectations regarding service experience remains undisrupted. 

The KPMG 2020 Retail Banking Customer Experience Survey for Ghana was conducted to provide insights for banks. It is also a parameter banks must do more to meet the heightened customer experience expectations 

 It is in this light that the KPMG 2020 Retail Banking Customer Experience Survey for Ghana was conducted to provide insights for banks. 

The KPMG six pillars methodology for customer experience was used for the survey. The report highlights the survey results on customer experience survey against the six pillars which have been developed after a decade of research and practice.  

KPMG’s six pillars of customer experience excellence are a set of qualitative factors that organisations combine intricately to craft an outstanding relationship with customersThey are: expectations, integrity, resolution, time and effort, personalisation and empathy. 

In the new reality of our world today, the pillars provide an invaluable guide to navigating the changes required to achieving excellence in both customer and employee experiences in your organisation. 

Mr Sarpong explained that organisations that have mastered the use of the pillars obtain outstanding results in their customer experience.  

We observed from our survey that expectation pillar, is the strongest for increasing customer loyalty and scored highest with a score of 76.5 per cent. Integrity pillar scored the least (65.9%) in our survey, an area of concern for customers that banks must improve on. 

Banks must focus on the customer by defining a clear customer strategy with the customer experience at the heart of their corporate strategy. The starting point is customer experience maturity assessment underpinned by insights from data and analytics.

Furthermore, our survey reveals that, accelerating digital agenda is now a survival and business sustainability issue. Customers demand convenience through digital channels that are secure and safe in terms of cyber security risks. 

Mr Sarpong said the digital customer had been activated and accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic and also imperative that banks that already had digital service offerings took advantage of the opportunity by continuing to enhance the experiences of their customers while keeping them safe.  

For the digital laggards, he said the message was clear either they digitise or die.  

If you missed the digital boat, please get onto a speed boat, but safety of your customers and your bank is critical in the digital world. Don’t stand still is our advice on both customer strategy and digital strategy. 

Banks are implored to walk in the shoes of their customers, identify attributes (personas) of their customer segments and enhance customers’ experiences across different touch points,” he said. 

Source – The Daily Graphic

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