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NIA, Identity Management Systems and CalBank Pilot Ghana Cards Verification in Accra

Press Release

The National Identification Authority (NIA), Identity Management Systems and CalBank PLC, have launched a pilot
project on the verification of the Ghana Card across five branches of CalBank in Accra. The solution will afford Ghana card users the convenience to instantly authenticate their identity in a secure manner when conducting banking transactions.

CalBank, Ghana’s leading independent bank was selected to partner the project due to the bank’s advanced
technological set-up and innovative culture.

The Ghana Card captures the biometric, facial and personal information of the cardholder and can be used to verify
and authenticate cardholder’s identity for a wide range of services.

The National Identification Authority also collaborates with user agencies to promote the use of the national identity

Commenting on the pilot program at CalBank, Executive Secretary of the National Identification Authority, Prof. Kenneth Agyeman Attafuah said, ‘We welcome this partnership and look forward to a seamless process. Government remains committed to building an effective National database for development. We also look forward to sustaining a secure and convenient channel of verification while also ensuring the protection of privacy and personal information of users at all times. On completion of the verification project the platform will be integrated and made available to other partner institutions and make it easy for Ghanaians to use the card’’.

Speaking on this development, Mr. Frank Oye, Executive Director of Identity Management Systems, under Margins ID Group also remarked, ‘We are extremely satisfied with the steady progress made so far in deploying this solution. We expect that all stakeholders and agencies will take advantage of this solution as we work to enhance service delivery to customers in every sphere of engagement’’.

Beyond this pilot phase, customers with Ghana Cards can easily validate their identity when accessing services at
healthcare centers, statutory payment points, and many more.
Managing Director of CalBank, Mr. Philip Owiredu also remarked, ‘’We are excited about the partnership with the NIA and the IMS in delivering the Ghana Card verification project. Once completed, the project will enable customers sign up to banking and other services and provide industry the ease of authentication’.

‘As we progress with our robust digital transformation, secured transactions and convenience are essential in enriching the customer experience. The Ghana card therefore plays a critical role in customer authentication as it is replete with biometric and facial recognition features. This will make for easy seamless banking transactions such as account opening, funds transfers, remittances, statutory payments, withdrawals, loan application and a lot more. The platform will aid in the management of Know Your Customers (KYC) and Customer Due Diligence (CDD) requirements. We therefore encourage our customers and the public to transact with the Ghana Card beyond this pilot phase.’ he added.

The pilot involves trial runs and testing of the Verification Platform to identify any gaps in the processes and exhaust
all use cases arising prior to the scheduled national rollout.

Customers and the public can use their Ghana Cards to carry out transactions at the following CalBank branches
namely Independence Avenue, Osu, Ring Road West, Ring Road Central and Airport City currently being used for the pilot project.

CalBank, Forward Together.

For Media Enquiries:
Peter Hall (CalBank Plc)
+233 261 513124

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