CalBank participates in the maiden edition of the GEPA Impact Hub session.

In May 2021, the Ghana Export Promotion Authority (GEPA) opened the GEPA Impact Hub, a technology-driven export trade information center for the export community and the general public. International Trade Enquiries, a Trade Library, Business Lounges, and other services are available at the facility.

The center aims to offer value-added services to exporters in order to achieve the National Export Development Strategy’s ultimate objective of $25.3 billion in non-traditional export revenues by 2029.

A session on Market Access and Export Finance was held at the first edition of meetings to support the export industry. It was a highly dynamic and engaging session, bringing together a diverse group of SMEs, MSMEs, exporters, and future exporters. The program was organised by the Ghana Export Promotion Authority (GEPA) in collaboration with CalBank PLC and the Angolan Embassy in Ghana.

Representatives of CalBank from the International Operations Department educated exporters on Export Finance.

They also highlighted the bank’s value proposition for exporters in terms of the numerous services they might offer to help them with export facilitation. They explained how they could assist clients with a variety of challenges that could occur in the export value chain.

A representative from Saham Insurance also provided insights on “Access to Marine Insurance as well as Goods in Transit”.

Throughout the year, more interactive workshops will be organized to help SMEs, MSMEs, and exporters acquire relevant export trade knowledge.

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