Email Account Takeover

Common Scams

Email Account Takeover: Realizing your email account has been accessed by somebody else or taken over can be very frightening. Email account takeover is a form of cybercrime, where someone successfully gains unauthorized access to your email account. The perpetrator then performs some of the following actions after gaining access to the account: read your emails, send out phishing email, request for money from your contacts, steal financial information and sensitive data, use information in your email to access other accounts you own and withdraw or transfer money from your bank account. Possible signs that your email account may have been taken over may include inability to log in to your email account, login activity from suspicious locations and spam messages sent to your contacts.

Protect yourself from scams

As a cherished customer of CalBank PLC, please find below some tips to protect your email account(s):

  • Do not share your passwords with anyone no matter the situation
  • Immediately change your email password once you sense your account has been compromised
  • Promptly read emails received from CalBank and quickly alert the Bank when you receive any suspicious alert
  • Enable multi-factor authentication on your email account(s)
  • Be careful in responding to or clicking on links in emails from people you do not know
  • Do not save your email address and password in web browsers
  • Always ensure devices used to access your email account(s) are locked when not in use
  • Immediately alert the bank on toll free number 0800500500 when you realize your email account has been compromised

Always remember to stay safe amidst the increase in cyber-related crimes.

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