CalBank Cashless Market

CalBank in partnership with the ‘Accra Goods Market’ is hosting the maiden CalBank Cashless Market. The two-day tech-driven and open-air event will create a market access for a host of merchants and consumers. It is essentially a pop-up lifestyle market for food, drinks, clothing/accessories for adults and children, arts, consumer electronics and music. The event is scheduled as follows:

Date: Saturday 30th April – Sunday 1st May 2022

Time: 10am

Venue: CalBank Head office

Transact at the CalBank Cashless Market using our bouquet of electronic solutions such as CalBank mobile App, Mobile banking, POS, GHQR, etc. and get amazing discounts from our host of merchants. Come with your family and friends to shop this weekend.

Are you a vendor ready to take advantage of this opportunity? Then register here:

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