Environmental & Social Management Systems

CalBank believes environmental protection and social development are among the most pressing issues facing the world today. The Bank therefore regards sustainable and social development as a fundamental aspect of sound business management. Consequently, the Bank is committed to continuing the integration of environmental and social aspects into its business activities.

The Bank therefore has put in place an Environmental and Social Management System (ESMS) and policies which are integrated into our credit assessment process. Our Environmental and Social Policy includes sound objectives and well-defined processes, procedures and responsibilities to ensure optimal benefit from this policy.

We continuously improve upon our systems by providing the needed training to our staff. We also communicate with our clients and provide the needed guidelines to ensure a healthy environment and social development.

Our benchmarks are the local E&S legislations as well as the Environmental and Social Framework and Operational Policies of the World Bank Group, the IFC Standards on Environmental and Social Sustainability, the Equator Principles, the UNEP Financial Initiative’s Responsible Banking Principles and the Conventions of the International Labour Organisation.

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