Our Strategy

Our mission:
We are an innovative and customer focused bank, providing bespoke financial services and value to our stakeholders.

To be the preferred bank for customer experience and innovation

We are proudly a Ghanaian bank, dedicated to supporting our clients and partners achieve greater heights in all their endeavours and supporting the economic growth agenda of Ghana. At CalBank, we say, we move forward together.

We are ExCITeD at the opportunity to challenge ourselves in building the bank of the future through innovation and customer centricity. As such, our goal is to simplify our business model, exceed our customer expectations, become more profitable, improve shareholder returns and drive sustainable growth.

Driving sustainable growth:
Our growth strategy has four pillars. We must grow by: pursuing a Bank-wide transformation agenda; delivering value to our customers to increase our market share in the market segments we serve; enhancing our performance management; and reinforcing risk management.

Pursuing a Bank-wide transformation agenda:
we are investing heavily in best-in-class technology to transform our business and operating models for operational efficiency and transform our mind-sets to drive service excellence.

Delivering value to our customers to increase our market share:
We categorise our customers into three groups — individuals, companies, and institutional investors. Over the years, we have built our capabilities and specialties across the customer groups we serve. The agility of our business model lends itself to continuous improvement, as such, we will strive to deliver exceptional customer service through innovation and sustainable product development.

We are an innovative and customer-focused bank, providing bespoke financial services and value to our stakeholders.

Enhancing our performance management:
We want to increasingly promote long term partnerships/orientation in our decision making to drive profitability. We also aim to have greater focus on cost management and reduce cost of credit. We will be deliberate about tracking our performance to ensure we always keep our eyes on the ball.

Reinforcing risk management:
As a financial services company, risk is inherent in all our business activities. Proactively managing risk is fundamental to our business, as such we are investing in a robust control environment and ensure strict adherence to regulations. We will be responsible about risk management to improve customers and clients’ confidence in our product offering, better serve our shareholders and communities, and support economic growth. Our Risk Framework clearly spells out ownership and accountability for managing risk across the Bank to ensure that we always maintain strong risk-management discipline.

We strongly believe that a clear culture is crucial in creating sustainable growth for an organisation, which is why our strategy is built around a shared sense of purpose, values and identity and celebration of financial inclusion. We also know that sustainable growth requires us to be an employer of choice by providing opportunities for employee development and growth and sharing our success with our communities through our corporate social investment projects.

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