The Environmental And Social Management System

1.0 Summary
CalBank Limited, as a commercial financial institution in Ghana has since its establishment in 1990 been achieving its objectives of maximising its shareholders’ value and providing adequate financing to its clients. The Bank’s overall lending and investments objectives are that these activities lead to the positive transformation of the society it serves. However, some of the projects it finances could have adverse effects on the environment and the society at large. This can arise through financing of activities that can lead to adverse impacts on the environment and the undesirable effects of relocation of people. As a financial institution with sustainability values and objectives and therefore, in pursuit of its dual goals of sustainable development and profitability, CalBank has put in place an ESMS that ensures that its management commits to environmental and social sustainability. The ESMS was first developed in 2009 and has been revised in 2017. The ESMS puts in place the required E & S risk management procedures in CalBank’s business activities to mitigate E & S risk associated with the activities that it finances. CalBank has put in place an institutional structure and made available human and financial resources through training of its staff on E and S risk management.

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