No. Mobile money transaction is currently limited to MTN mobile money subscribers only.

Yes. One can have different numbers on service

Yes. Cost of ordering an personal account card is GHS8. Card Issuance fee is free for CalBank Students Accountholder only.

If your PIN gets blocked, please contact the nearest CalBank branch to request for a new PIN. However with the chip card, we can reset number of PIN tries as long as client remembers PIN code. Once client forgets PIN code, he or she has to apply for a new card.

Default daily limit has been set to GHS800, however, this can be increased upon your request.

  1. Visit your preferred online website.
  2. Order your items and go to check out.
  3. Input your card details i.e. name on the card, expiry date, card number, CVV/security code (last 3 digits behind card).
  4. Your account will automatically be debited when transaction is successful.

No. Money transfer services only allows you to receive money in Ghana.

No. You have to receive cash over the counter with the exception of RIA money transfer which also allows recipient to receive funds directly into his/her account.