Point of Sale Device

CalBank Point of Sale (POS) terminal or device can be located at Merchant locations to facilitate payments conveniently. The POS terminal is a portable device that accepts payments for goods & services from debit, prepaid and credit cards.

The CalBank POS terminal accepts Visa cards and all brands of MasterCard (MasterCard, Maestro).

Press and hold the green button until the VeriFone signage at the top left corner lights up. Release your hold once the blue light appears.

The battery power has totally run out. Charge the terminal before continuing with the transaction or Take the battery out and connect the terminal directly to the power source and transact. Kindly remember to return the battery and charge it fully.

A deep black line will appear at the top of the battery signal on the right of the screen. Unplug the charger once this is seen to avoid over-charging and damaging the battery.

Press and hold the red button when the POS is not connected to a direct Power Source. Release your hold when you hear a beep.

A sale is done in two ways,


  1. Press the MENU button
  2. Press F1 to select SALE
  3. Insert CARD
  4. Select the currency USD/GHS
  5. Enter amount
  6. Customer enters a PIN
  7. Press the enter key
  8. After a successful transaction, a copy of the first receipt printed belongs to the merchant press any key to print the customers receipt.


  1. Insert a card straight away
  2. Follow the steps d to h above

Settle batch means there are transactions waiting for settlement. Follow the steps below to settle:

  1. Press the menu button until you see BATCH SEND
  2. Press F3 to select BATCH SEND option for a retail or press F1 for a Hotel POS.
  3. Confirm the settlement by pressing the green button.
  1. Press the menu button until you see REPRINT
  2. Press F1 to select REPRINT
  3. POS displays “REPRINT LAST Y / N”

For last transaction effected:

  1. Press ENTER to reprint last transaction

For another transaction:

  1. Press 0 (zero) to reprint another transaction
  2. Enter INVOICE Number and press ENTER
  1. If the POS has not automatically settled the transaction, then follow the process below;
  2. Press the MENU button and select VOID
  3. Enter your Supervisor PASSWORD
  4. Enter your User ID
  5. Enter the INVOICE number and press ENTER
  6. Confirm the TRANSACTION by pressing ENTER
  7. A receipt is printed for the MERCHANT
  8. Press any key for the customer receipt to be printed

Contact the Bank for a REFUND to be initiated to the cardholder.

All successful transactions appear in the Reports printed from the terminal. If the transaction is not captured in the reports printed, then the transaction should be performed again. The cardholder should be advised to contact their bankers on the earlier failed transaction for a reversal to be effected.

  1. Press the menu button and select REPORT
  2. Enter your SUPERVISOR Password and press ENTER
  3. Enter your SUPERVISOR USER ID
  4. POS displays F1 for SUMMARY and F4 for DETAIL
  5. Choose either F1 or F4
  6. POS prints either the Summary Report or the Detailed Report as chosen

A transaction is successful when an authorization Number appears on the two receipts that are printed out after a transaction.

The second receipt printed is meant for the cardholder. The first is for you. Both receipts are well inscribed with either Customer receipt or Merchant Receipt.

It takes 24 hours for the account to be credited, however, transactions performed on Fridays will be credited to the account on the next business day and those performed over the weekend will be credited to the account by Tuesday if the preceding day was a business day.

The transaction was not successful. Kindly refer to the table below for the next steps.

Error on Receipt What to do
1. Socket failed Restart the device.
2. Communication error Check if SIM is well inserted and restart device.


3 Do not honour The customer should contact their bank. The transaction is being declined by the Customer’s bank.
4. Insufficient funds The customer does not have enough money in their account to cater for the transaction.
5. Incorrect PIN The customer is entering the wrong PIN. Kindly advise customer to contact their bank if they do not remember their PIN.
6. Chip error Clean the chip on the SIM card and retry.

Contact CalBank on 0546850939 / 0561100839 if the feedback persists.

7. Bad terminal ID Select the right currency on the terminal. If the terminal is set up as a Cedi terminal, select GHS. If it is set up as a dollar currency, please select USD

Re-start the device and perform the transaction again. If this persists, kindly call the Bank on 0546850939 / 0561100839.

  1. Check if the battery is fully charged. If the battery is very low, take out the battery and connect the terminal to a direct power source and perform the transaction. Afterwards, replace the battery and charge it.
  2. Check if the network signal is high. The network signal can be found on the left side of the screen. If it is low or missing, check if the SIM is inserted properly. Re-start the machine, and perform the transaction again. Kindly contact the bank on 0546850939 / 0561100839 if the error persists.

The terminals accept both Visa and MasterCard (maestro is also accepted).

Check if the SIM has been inserted into the terminal properly. Restart the device and check again.

Check if the paper roll is well placed in the printer compartment.

  1. Lift the LATCH to open the paper roll cover.
  2. Drop the paper roll into the printer Let the paper face you.
  3. Gently CLOSE the paper roll cover.

Charge the terminal for a minimum of 4 hours and a maximum of 6 hours.

The battery is very low and needs to be charged immediately. Take out the battery and connect the terminal to a direct power source and perform the transaction. Afterwards, replace the battery and charge it.

Perform a manual settlement to confirm the transaction. If the amount is not on the settlement report this shows that the transaction is not successful. Please contact CalBank on 0546850939 / 0561100839 if the feedback persists.