CalBank Shell Card

You need to call the issuing Bank immediately. A remote unblock request will be sent to the Shell station you are. After a successful manual download is carried out, your card will be unblocked. You will however be able to use the card only if you know the correct PIN.

Insert the card back into the POS immediately. The transaction will be completed and card unblocked.

Your card has an expiry date. This is however automatically renewed for a year if the card is used within three months of expiry.

All prepaid customers will have their remaining balances rolled over.

Every card has a unique five digit number behind it. This five digit number helps keep track of issues concerning the card. For example the five digit number is required when a top up needs to be done or your card unblocked remotely during a PIN Block.

It is an Electronic Payment System which uses 2kb microchip embedded on it (smart card).

How can one get the CalBank Shell Card?

By signing an application form.

The CalBank Shell Card application form card can be accessed at any CalBank Branch.

It takes five (5) working days to issue a card after an application form has been completed.

Each CalBank Shell Card comes with a confidential Personal Identification Number – PIN.

A customer can also request for a Driver Code-multi-driver option.

A choice of appropriate product combinations suitable to a Card Holder can be selected.

Card can be restricted geographically.

Card usage can also be restricted to day and night usage only.

Access to Shell quality fuels and other product – Super Extra, V.Power, Diesel Extra, Helix etc.

Monitor vehicle fuel consumption efficiency.

Security of card ensured.

The convenience of fleet management guaranteed.

Show your card to the pump attendant.

He would quickly reach for the POS.

Tell the pump attendant which Shell product you intend to buy.

Hand over your card to him.

He checks your card status, then, serves you.

All CalBank Shell Card customers must not disclose their PIN/ Driver code to third parties. Input your PIN/Driver code personally into the POS during transactions.

A request for a PIN would be given only from an approved authority known to the bank.

The card would be automatically blocked after three unsuccessful attempts.

Inform the Bank about the loss and the lost card will be blocked and a new card issued.

Top up is done at any CalBank Branch

No. All top ups or re-loading are done remotely.

You can check your top up on your card at any Shell Station with the POS. Note; after a Card is re-loaded; the top up is effective the following day. For same day use, the POS must perform a successful download. Customers’ should request for a download before using on the same day of top up.

Yes. Every Cardholder will receive a monthly electronic statement at the end of each month upon request.

Indeed you can get CalBank Shell Card for all machinery and plants.