Verified By Visa

It is a card security service, which aids in confirming the identity of a cardholder when a CalBank Visa Card is used; protecting, authenticating and providing an extra layer of security for online transactions.

To ensure customers are not inconvenienced, CalBank Visa Cardholders are automatically registered on the service once a card is issued out.

The One Time Password (OTP), is a randomly generated six-digit code that is sent to your registered phone number and email address with the bank whenever you undertake a transaction on Visa. The code is required to authenticate a cardholder for online transactions.

The OTP is sent to ONLY the primary phone number and email address on a cardholder’s profile with CalBank. It is always recommended that customers provide their primary phone number and emails when signing on for a Visa card.

The OTP serves as a secondary authentication service. This helps to protect cardholders from fictitious sites and activities on their cards.

By default, the OTP is sent to the registered phone number. However, customers can initiate request to their e-mail accounts.

Cardholders can initiate a resend to the phone number and email address. Customers have three attempts. If challenge persists, kindly contact the bank.

The VbyV service is free for all CalBank Visa Cardholders.

Websites that have plugged in to the Verified by Visa service will redirect cardholders to the VbyV page. However, cardholders are advised to research and be sure of credibility of online websites before transacting

Customers can contact the Customer Care Team via mail (, Call +233302739900 or Toll-Free (0800500500) for further assistance.