CalBank Visa Debit Card

Chip card is a standard size debit card plastic with both an embedded chip and a traditional magnetic stripe. The embedded microchip makes your card difficult to counterfeit or copy if it’s lost or stolen. PIN stands for Personal Identification Number. The PIN is a four digit undisclosed code that is unique to you only. You will need it at the ATM, for shopping, meals, paying bills, filling up the car, withdrawing cash, etc.

Make purchases by inserting your chip card into the chip-enabled merchant terminal. You will be asked for a PIN to complete most purchases. Account details are stored securely on the chip and passed to the merchant terminal during purchase. When chip-enabled merchant terminal during are not available, the magnetic stripe on the back of the plastic can be swiped instead.

Very secure. First, the encrypted chip makes CalBank Visa Debit card difficult to copy or counterfeit. Second, you can have confidence in the protection and security features that we provide for you. However, should you notice any suspicious activity on your account, please notify us immediately.

Yes. Advance notification will help ensure that legitimate debit card purchases are approved.

Yes. You will be charged a fee if you request for a CalBank chip card.

Your PIN will be blocked if you enter your PIN wrongly more than three times. This is to protect you in the event that the card is stolen or misplaced and somebody else is trying to use it fraudulently. If your PIN gets blocked, please contact the nearest CalBank Branch.

Step-by-step instructions on how to use your Visa card

Step 1 Look for the Visa sign. If there is one, you can use your Visa Debit card in the store.

Step 2 Choose the item you would like to buy and take it to the till.

Step 3 The cashier will insert your card into the terminal at the till.

Step 4 Enter your PIN and wait for OK to appear on the screen.

A Visa Card allows you to spend without having to carry cash around and is also used at the ATM

A Visa card allows you to make every day purchases. It is a safe and convenient alternative to cash.

Visa cards can be used in all shops where the Visa acceptance sign is shown

Keeping your money safe:

…Keeping your money safe means that you have to keep your card safe

Treat your card like cash and DO NOT leave it lying around anywhere.

You can pay for your goods at a shop with your Visa card. This means you don’t have to carry cash.

…keeping your money safe

Report a lost or stolen card immediately.

Make sure that you know your bank’s phone number in case you need to stop your card.

Cover the PIN pad with your hand when entering your PIN.

Stop your card straight away by calling CalBank. You can also stop your card yourself using CalNet.

Because your card has PIN, No-one else should be able to use it at an ATM as long as you have kept your PIN a secret.

Your card will be replaced instantly of you reporting it stolen or missing.


Yes, our new cash – In ATMs allow you to do your banking at a time that’s convenient to you.

Your deposit is credited to your account instantly.

Our Cash – In ATMs put you in control of your banking and you can relax knowing that your money is secure and accounted for.

Cash deposits are credited to your account instantly.

You can deposit up to 50 notes at a time

Make deposits 24/7. Avoid Long queues.


Tips for using Cash – In ATMs

ATMs take Ghana Cedis only and won’t accept unrecognized notes and coins.

The Notes accepted are GHS 1, GHS 2, GHS 5, GHS 10, GHS 20 AND GHS50.

At home, put notes into bundles of 50.

At the ATM select the option for depositing notes. Remove envelopes and foreign objects such as paperclips, pins and coins before inserting notes into deposits slot.


Tips for using Cash – In ATMs

  1. Insert your CalBank Card only and won’t accept unrecognized notes and coins.
  2. Insert notes (up to 50 notes) with their long ends into the slot (unrecognized notes will be returned).
  3. Confirm your cash deposit into the right account
  4. Once confirmed, the amount will reflect in your account in real-time



Always Keep your PIN a secret.