CalBank Church Scheme

The CalBank Church scheme is designed specifically to attend to the needs of well-established churches. The purpose of this loan is to aid in the completion of church projects or acquisition of church instruments and other important assets. An added bonus to this service includes the weekly cash pick up services.

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Benefits of the CalBank Church scheme are:

  • Opportunity to ease working capital in running the operations of the church
  • Guaranteed flexible terms of repayment
  • Readily available credit within timely periods
  • Prompt and special attention from a dedicated account relationship manager
  • Clients shall be updated on monthly loan repayment via CalBank Alert
  • The church must operate an account with CalBank
  • The church must be registered, have a constitution and mandated to borrow
  • An introductory letter is required from the church or mother church (If applicable) authorizing it to borrow
  • The church building or any other acceptable building can be used as a security
  • Other relevant CalBank credit requirement may be needed
  • Monthly purchase of CIP depending on the amount granted
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