CalBank Import Finance Scheme

The CalBank import finance facility is designed to help customers manage the stop gaps that arise as a result of insufficient funds needed towards the importation and clearance of goods at the port.

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  • The facility is meant solely for funding importation and clearing of goods at the port
  • Tenor: Up to 6 months
  • Maximum Facility Limit: up to 70% of the invoice amount after the client has made the initial 30% or more of the invoice amount to the supplier or made it available in their account.
  • Helps to address cash flow needs of clients
  • Dedicated relationship officer is assigned to handle all activities in relation to the clients account
  • Flexible terms and conditions
  • Maximum Facility Limit: GHS 300,000
  • The business should operate a preferred business account with the Bank
  • Age Limit: 18-59 years
  • Submission of formal request letter
  • Borrower should have a minimum average monthly turnover of 120% of amount requested.
  • Borrower should have made 30% or more of the invoice amount already to the supplier or make it available in their current account.
  • Borrower should have imported at least twice within the past twelve months
  • Borrower should provide a minimum Cash Collateral of 25%
  • Favourable Credit Reference Bureau report
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