GHACEM Distributor’s Scheme

This overdraft facility addresses the needs of preferred/qualified distributors of GHACEM Limited. With our competitive fees, this loan or facility gives you the convenience to access funds which can be used to make payments solely for cement purchased from GHACEM Limited.

Distributors of GHACEM can have easy access to funds at a processing fee of 3.0% flat (payable upfront) to finance their operations in the distribution of cement purchased from GHACEM Limited.

  • Access to readily available credit within clients own timing
  • Prompt and special attention from a dedicated account relationship manager
  • Clients shall be updated on monthly loan repayment via CalBank Alert
  • It also has a penal rate of 10% above the prevailing rate shall be charged on amount drawn in excess
  • The default charge is 2% flat on the amount outstanding on expiry
  • Interest rate shall be CalBank’s Base rate + Agreed margin
  • The purpose of the overdraft is to make payment solely for cement purchased from GHACEM Limited
  • Facility shall be drawn down after submission of purchase invoice from GHACEM Limited
  • The tenor of the facility is one (1) year but will be reviewed annually
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