Pharma Scheme

The pharmaceutical industry plays an important role in the Healthcare sector. That is why CalBank is committed to providing financial solutions and expertise needed to help you keep pace with the developments in this fast-evolving industry. We also aim to add value to your pharmaceutical business (including chemical shops) and provide you with flexible, everyday finance options. This loan facility has flexible terms of repayment whilst easing working capital restraints.

This loan is meant solely for the repayment of stocks from local manufacturers, importers, wholesalers and retailers.

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  • Opportunity to ease working capital constraints
  • Flexible terms of repayment
  • Access to readily available credit within clients own timing
  • Free cash pick up service
  • Prompt advisory service from a team of dedicated account managers
  • Clients shall be updated on monthly loan repayment via CalBank Alert
  • This facility has an eighteen (18) month period tenor
  • The maximum limit that can be accessed is GHS 20,000.00
  • Eligible Companies: Any registered pharmaceutical company incorporated in Ghana under Ghana’s Company Code, Act 179 (1963)
  • The scheme is for client or pharmaceutical companies in the manufacturing, wholesaling and retailing of pharmaceutical drugs approved by the Food and Drugs Board of Ghana
  • Pharmacy/Chemical shops registered with the Ghana Pharmacy Council and recognized to operate

In order to access the facility, clients must submit a formal letter and attach the following information:

  • Basic information on Management
  • Basic information on Board of Directors
  • Valid copy of pharmacy/chemical license
  • Previous bank statement for past 12 months
  • Cash flow statement and annual financial statements
  • Security/collateral to support request
  • Payment would be made directly in favour of the supplier of the pharmaceutical products
  • Acceptable security will be required for facility amount above GHS 20,000.00. Client must agree to move a significant portion of inflow through its CalBank account
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