CalBank InvestPlus Account

This is a unique deposit instrument that is structured to provide our SME clients with flexible income investment opportunities. The investment can also be used as a security to borrow up to 80% of the maturity value of the investment.

CalBank InvestPlus is a flexible investment offering that can be discounted before maturity date. Maturity period ranges from one (1) to twelve (12) months.

  • Free withdrawal of part or the entire amount
  • Very low initial investment amount to start
  • Can be used as security to apply for a loan
  • Flexible investment and maturity periods
  • Optimum returns through competitive tiered interest payments
  • Ability to discount investment before the maturity date without any penalty
  • No restrictions on withdrawals
  • SME clients are eligible
  • The initial amount to start the investment is GHS50.00
  • You must be an accountholder
InvestPlus Rates
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