CalBank Call Account

This unique investment account is designed for SME clients who value security and high benefits. This account is a hybrid between a current account and a fixed deposit account with no maturity period hence the investment can be withdrawn at any time without any penalty. The account offers competitive rates whilst providing the same benefits of savings accounts through interest which is accrued. Interest are also calculated daily.

This is a hybrid investment between a current account and the fixed deposit with no maturity period. The investment can hence be withdrawn at any time without any penalty. Other benefits include:

  • Catering for shorter-term investments, with flexible terms for deposits and withdrawals
  • Depending on the amount, one (1) day notice is needed from our corporate and business clients before withdrawal
  • Competitive interest rates for various levels of deposits
  • Flexible investment maturity periods
  • For SME account holders
  • The initial amount to start the investment is GHS5,000.00
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