School Fees Collection Service

We understand the stress that may come with school fees collection systems, that’s why we have set up an online collection platform for schools and educational institutions. Special accounts are created which are made up of the institutions main account and accounts of the various Colleges/faculties through which fees payments are processed. With our secure online tools, we help to maximise efficiency whilst enabling easy tracking of all payments made into the accounts.

Registration: First, the institution is registered on the platform and details of all the students are uploaded unto the platform according to colleges, faculties, programs etc.

Depending on the structure of the institution, each record is linked to any of the college/faculty account unless all fees are to be paid into the institution’s main account.

Verification of Payments: The system registers all payments made by any student and the details of the payments are automatically recorded as payment information for each student. The institution has access to all payments in the comfort of their offices.

This is made possible through CalNet. Additionally, each school has access to the portal where they can track all payments made into accounts.

Benefits of the online school fee payment include:

  • The system is automated to avoid manual flaws. This gives the institution the comfort to attend to other critical issues
  • The institutions have the convenience of collecting fees without any difficulty. The institution receives real-time updates on all payments made by students
  • Ability to easily monitor their account/funds by using our Internet Banking Service (CalNet). We also provide the institutions with a detailed report on all student payments whenever required
  • A dedicated relationship officer is assigned to offer special advisory services on account management and investment alternatives
  • It can be used to mobilize diverse sources of funds for schools and other educational institutions e.g. SRC Dues, Hall Dues, graduation fees etc
  • It resolves the inconvenience associated with collecting school fees by Payment Orders
  • Schools, NGOs, Associations, churches etc
  • The institution must be registered with the bank before payments can be made into the account
  • Students must be registered with the institution
  • You must be a business account holder
  • Your institution must be registered with the platform
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