CalBank Corporate Internet Banking grants businesses to manage their business finances anywhere and anytime. It was also designed to enable our business clients make payments to suppliers, vendors and employees in a secured and easy to access environment.

Our Corporate Internet Banking Service is integrated into our banking system making it fast and in real-time. It can easily be integrated into your business accounting system. Authorization limits can be set for various users. It is convenient, interactive, and user friendly. You can have access to a wide range of our business banking services to enjoy the following benefits:

  • Access to online, real-time banking services
  • Ensures effective account management
  • Safe and secured platform for making payments
  • Decreases turnaround time for processing payments
  • Ability to pay bills (Airtime purchase, DSTV, Vodafone, Surfline/Surfline Plus payments) – Clients can now buy top up credit from networks from CalNet and their respective accounts debited
  • Improved security (Self-serve password reset, with username and password only)
  • Beneficiary setup/listing/modification
  • Enhanced Portfolio for Transfers (International Funds Transfer, Standing Orders, Interbank)
  • Ability to send messaging (inbox/outbox)
  • Access to an enhanced Investment/ Loan Portfolio module (securities, loans, interest accrual etc.)
  • Simplified single and bulk upload of salary/payment data
  • Customizable authorization levels (ranging from sole authorizers to multiple authorizers)
  • Report on status of individual transactions (i.e. Pending, Processed, Rejected etc.)
  • Offers Beneficiary data upload for future use and authorization
  • Offers verification and real-time payments to CalBank beneficiaries
  • Generates unique One Time Password (OTP) for each log in
  • Sends email notifications on successful transfers to beneficiaries of payments
  • Clients must operate an active account with CalBank
  • Client must complete a CalNet form
  • The client should have an active email address
  • Account Relationship: The qualified client must be an account holder to access the facility
  • How to Apply for CalBank Auto Loan: The client should complete the Auto loan application form
  • Security: Security required may include the vehicle to be purchased, Provident Fund, Landed Property and Employer’s Guarantee, Near Cash Securities, Shares, Warrants, etc
  • Access to E-statements, CalNet, CalBank Mobile Banking (CalBank App & *771#), E-Alerts and E-zwich.
  • Easy access to funds via CalBank Payment Solutions; CalBank Mobile Banking (CalBank App & *771#), Online Banking, Agent Banking, POS and ATM services
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