Proxy Pay

Proxy Pay is a payment service which can be accessed on the Mobile Banking (*771#) Platform that allows corporate clients to register a mobile number or alias that is uniquely mapped to their bank accounts. To make payments from other parties to that account one will only need to provide the alias or the phone number..

CalBank clients can thus register for a Proxy ID for the purposes receiving quick and easy payment from other banks as well as make payments to other proxies of other clients. The fees are the same as regular GhIPSS Instant Pay (GIP) fees.

Please see the convenient banking tab for steps on how to perform the various services.

  • Register Proxy/alias
  • Transfer to other Proxy/alias
  • Update Proxy account
  • Unsubscribe from the Proxy Pay service
  • View proxy details
  • Convenience for payee to provide a proxy (phone number/alias) that can be easily remembered
  • Privacy of payee bank details is retained as payee does not disclose bank name, branch and account number to the payer
  • Minimal errors arising from provision of wrong bank account details
  • Reduce the time required to perform an interbank transaction as minimal information such as the proxy is required
  • Clients must have a CalBank account
  • Client must have subscribed to Mobile Banking (*771#)
  • Subscriber Guide
    • To Register Proxy ID as a Corporate Client

    Dial *771#>> Select Option 7 (Other Services)>> Select Option 4 (Proxy Services)>> Select Option 1 (Register Proxy)>>Select Source Account>> Input text to use as proxy ID

    • To Pay by Proxy ID

    Dial *771#>> Select Option 2 (Transfers)>> Select Option 2 (Transfer to Other bank)>> Perform Transfer using Proxy ID>> Enter proxy ID of recipient

    • To Update Proxy ID

    Dial *771#>> Select Option 7 (Other Services)>> 2 (Update Proxy)>> Select proxy ID to update

    • To Delete Proxy ID

    Dial *771#>> Select Option 7 (Other Services)>> Select Option 3 (Delete Proxy)>> Select proxy ID to delete

    • To Display Proxy ID

    Dial *771#>>Select Option 7 (Other Services)>> Select Option 4 (Display Proxy Details)>> Select proxy ID to view details

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