Vigo Money Transfer

Through our branches as agents of Vigo Money Transfer Services, we are able to connect families, friends and loved ones to send money for emergencies and as part of celebrating special moments.

The service enables our clients to conveniently receive their remittances through Vigo from any of our branches. There are no applicable charges associated with this.

Other benefits are:

  • No applicable charges to receive funds.
  • Convenience to receive funds from abroad.
  • No need to operate a Cal Bank account.
  • Preferred alternative to receive funds at any Cal Bank branch.
  • Accountholders and Non-accountholders
  • Only for inward foreign remittances
  • Complete a simple Foreign Remittance Transfer form.
  • Provide Money Transfer Control Number.
  • Provide Security/Reference/Text Number.
  • Attach a valid National Photo ID. Examples, Voter ID, Passport, Driver’s License, and NHIS Card etc.