CalBank Homeowners Insurance

The CalBank Homeowners insurance is a property insurance that covers losses and damages to an individual’s residence along with furnishing and other assets in the home. This policy also provides cover against personal accident in the home. The policy offers you the opportunity to either cover the entire home (comprehensive cover) or Only the content in the home (content only cover)

  • Flexibility in Premium payments (Monthly, Quarterly, Semi-annual or Annually)
  • You can reinstate your sum insured after every claim at anytime within the year of cover
  • You can update the policy anytime a valuable item(s) is/are added to the content
  • You will have two months grace period for payment defaults. Policy terminates after 2 payment defaults

    Content Cover (Rented or Leased property) Benefit

  • Covers Loss and damages to your content

    Comprehensive (Building/Property and content) benefits

  • Covers loss and damages to your properties.
  • Covers loss and damages to furnishings and other content in the home caused either theft, burglary, fire, natural disaster and domestic explosions.
  • Provides liability coverage against accidents to visitors in the insured home (A maximum of GHS 2000)
  • Available to all Homeowners and Renting individuals/institutions

    For sign up

  • A Valid National ID
  • Schedule/List of items to be insured
  • A completed policy application form
  • Your consent to go on cover now

    For Claim

  • A completed claim form.
  • Pictures of Damages