CalBank ATMs

We have two types of ATMs; the withdrawal ATMs and the Cash-In ATMs which double up to perform both the withdrawal and depository functions. As a bank, our strategy is to be conveniently accessible to our customers.

To this end, we have deployed over 100 ATMs across our regions of operations.

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CalBank Cash-In ATMs

Cash and cheque deposits, together with other payment transactions form the bulk of activities that continue to be carried out at a branch counter. Our Cash-In ATMs, in addition to performing withdrawal functions also, offer customers an opportunity to deposit cash more conveniently. Not only will bank customers enjoy convenience, they will enjoy availability of our bank 24/7 and more choice of service.

Benefits of using our Cash-In ATMs include:

  • Cash deposits are credited to clients account instantly.
  • Clients can deposit up to 50 notes at a time.
  • There is no limit to the amount a client can deposit.
  • Deposits can be made at any time of the day.
  • No more Long queues in the banking hall

How It Works

  • Insert Card
  • Enter your pin
  • Select “Proceed”
  • Select “Cash Deposit”
  • Insert cash
  • After inserting cash, a confirmation screen appears

Choose any of the options in BOLD:

  • Deposit: To confirm transaction
  • Add more cash: To deposit more money
  • Refund: To take your cash back and initiate another transaction
  • Cancel: To stop transaction.

If you confirm or choose “Deposit”

  • Confirm the number of notes inserted and select “proceed”.
  • A screen appears and asks you to choose the account into which you want to deposit money.
  • Select the account and proceed.
  • Retrieve your receipt and card for the transaction.

If you choose “More Cash”

  • The screen reads “Insert more cash”
  • Insert more cash
  • Confirm deposit and proceed with the transaction.

If you choose “Refund”

  • Your card and cash is returned and you will be asked if you desire to perform another transaction.
  • Choose “YES” to perform a new transaction or choose “NO” to end transaction

If you choose “Cancel”

  • The transaction ends and your card is returned


  • Notes should be separated into bundles of 50 before initiating deposit.
  • There is no limit to the amount you can deposit.
  • Notes accepted by the Cash-In ATMs are: GH¢1, GH¢2, GH¢5, GH¢10, GH¢20 and GH¢50
  • You can combine all denominations for deposits. The machine will separate each denomination by itself.
  • The ATMs accept Ghana Cedi notes only and won’t accept unrecognised notes and coins.
  • All foreign objects like paper, paperclips, plastic etc. should be removed from money before inserting.
  • Only Accountholders can utilize this service
  • One must know the account into which the cash is being deposited.
  • You must have a CalBank Visa Card.