E-zwich is a National payment system by Bank of Ghana in collaboration with CalBank to provide electronic payment platform/services to the banking industry.

The system allows a holder of an e-zwich smartcard to carry out electronic transactions at any e-zwich Point of Sale (POS) terminal or ATM. It also allows the e-zwich smart cardholder to access banking services at any bank throughout Ghana irrespective of whether that bank issued that smartcard or not.

This service is fast and convenient. So long as you have your e-zwich smart card on you, you always have access to your money. No need to carry cash.

Other benefits include:

  • If your Smartcard gets lost your funds are safely transferred onto a new card, minimizing risk of losing cash through carelessness or robbery.
  • The e-zwich Smartcard is secure as it only requires biometric (fingerprint) authentication for its use, so nobody can have access to your money.
  • The service gives you access to a wide range of retail and banking services at any POS terminal anywhere in Ghana.
  • You can also earn interest on the funds held in the savings wallet on their card. (For more details, talk to your bank or read more)
  • The card has 255 wallets that enable customers to transact business.
  • The fingerprint information is stored on the smartcard.
  • Verification of fingerprints is done before transactions can be successful.
  • There is no transaction cost.
  • The service is available nationwide for everyone irrespective of whether they hold bank accounts.
  • Transactions can be done offline in areas that lack communications infrastructure.
  • The service can be used to make third party bill payment.
  • The service is secure due to the biometric fingerprint protection and hence transactions are devoid of fraud.

Persons of ages 18years and above.

  • Client must complete the E-zwich form. .
  • Client must provide a valid national photo ID