GhIPSS Instant Pay (GIP)

GhIPSS Instant Pay (GIP) is a payment service enabled by the Ghana Inter-bank Payment and Settlement Service, which is a feature on the CalNet Platform. With GIP, clients of CalBank can transfer money from their bank accounts to accounts of beneficiaries in another bank instantly. GIP is a send/receive service, which means that clients can send and also receive transfers through the GIP service. Service fee apply to each transaction.

  • GIP is an instant transfer service that creates convenience and timely payments.
  • Funds are applied immediately in beneficiary/recipient account.
  • To be used for payments made within Ghana in Ghana Cedi.
  • 24hr availability (day & night) x 365 days a year.
  • Client must be signed on to the CalNet platform to access the service.
  • The beneficiary bank (receiving) must be offering the GIP service.