CalBank School Fees Collection Service

This is an automated service which offers student and parents a one stop shop service. That is, aside their normal banking activities, they can also pay their children/wards school fees at the same CalBank branch.

The platform is secure, reliable and flexible. The system registers all payments made by any student from the institution. Details of all payments are automatically recorded as payment information for each student.

Other benefits of this service include:

  • The service provides real comfort to students as it addresses the constraint of limited outlets (school premises).
  • Hustle Free: It resolves the inconvenience associated with paying school fees by Payment Orders which come at a fee.
  • The service is offered for free.
  • Accountholders and non-accountholders
  • The institution must be registered with the bank before students can pay in their fees
  • Students of the registered institution
  • You must fill out the form and provide your student’s record.