CalBank GHACEM Distributor’s Scheme

Our CalBank GHACEM scheme is structured in the form of an Overdraft or Bank Guarantee to address the credit needs of preferred/qualified distributors of GHACEM Limited.

This facility is an Overdraft facility or a Bank Guarantee with a processing fee of 3.0% flat (payable upfront). This facility gives convenience to access funds as a way of easing working capital constraints. Other details of this offering include:

  • Access to readily available credit within clients own timing.
  • Prompt and special attention from a dedicated account relationship manager.
  • Clients shall be updated on monthly loan repayment via CalBank Alert.
  • It also has a penal rate of 10% above the prevailing rate shall be charged on amount drawn in excess.
  • The default charge is 2% flat on the amount outstanding on expiry.
  • Interest rate shall be CalBank’s Base rate + Agreed margin.
  • The purpose of the overdraft is to make payment solely for cement purchased from GHACEM Limited.
  • Facility shall be drawn down after submission of purchase invoice from GHACEM Limited.
  • The tenor of the facility is one (1) year but will be reviewed annually.
  • Distributor’s minimum monthly turnover should be GHS 20,000.00.
  • Distributor must have been a GHACEM distributor for at least three (3) years
  • The distributor should have an account at CalBank or must open one.
  • The client must be on GHACEM’s preferred list of distributors.
  • Distributor’s storage facilities must be made of steel, brick, container or any other storage facility that may be required by GHACEM Limited.
  • The facility shall be insured.
  • Procure a copy of the Distributorship Agreement if any between the Distributor and GHACEM for the bank’s Director of Legal Department to review.
  • Distributor must provide a mortgage in a form of landed property.
  • Distributors must provide landed property as part of the security.
  • Charge over distributor’s stocks.
  • Assignment over the distributor’s receivables.
  • Undertaking to lodge all sales proceeds with CalBank.
  • Charge over CIP to be purchased in the joint names of bank and client.