CalBank Working Capital Loan

In order to address the various financing needs of our diverse clients, our special SME offerings extend both Short Term and Medium Term financing support to qualified clients. These facilities are advanced to assist acceptable businesses.

This facility is offered to our SME and Limited Liability Companies to augment working capital. Examples of key needs the facility is advanced to address are financing of importation of goods, raw materials etc.

It is also given to clients to cover the cost of clearing goods from the port.

  • Dedicated relationship officer is assigned to handle all activities in relation to the clients account.
  • Flexible terms and conditions
  • Access to funds within your own timing.
  • It has competitive charges etc.
  • Arrangement & Processing fees: 3% (payable upfront).
  • Tenure: 12 to 18 months
  • Maximum Facility Limit: GHS 300,000
  • Repayment: Reducing Balance Annuity payment method (Same amount is paid monthly)

The business should operate a preferred business account with the Bank.

  • Submission of the current company registration documents from the Registrar Generals Department.
  • Submission of a 6 – 12 month bank statement (if your company operates another account with a different bank).
  • Submission of the last three years’ audited accounts (when ready).
  • Submission of cash flow projections for the borrowing period. This normally applies to Limited Liability Companies.
  • If the facility is to pay for goods, the following requests must be satisfied:
    • Submission of invoices to show the orders made.
    • Submission of clearing documents to show that the goods have indeed arrived at the port.
    • The payment shall be made directly to the supplier.
    • A Letter of Credit can also be established at CalBank to execute the payment on behalf of the client (when applicable).