CalBank Importers & Exporters Insurance

The CalBank Importers & Exporters Insurance (IMEX) offers protection of imports or exports against unforeseen risks. This policy also guarantees the safety of the goods in transit until they reach their intended destination. The policy covers theft, fire and jettison (when goods are thrown away).

The CalBank IMEX is affordable and has flexible premiums whilst ensuring that our clients comply with the law.
Other benefits of this policy include:

  • Pays compensation for goods destroyed in transit.
  • Pays compensation when clients’ goods are stolen.
  • Pays compensation when clients’ goods are thrown away.
  • Pays compensation when clients’ goods are destroyed by fire.
  • Guaranteed peace of mind when goods are imported / exported.
  • Claim shall be paid within 48 hours or not more than 7 working days (upon receipt of all relevant documents).

Must be a registered importer or exporter and provide documents supporting exports or import.

  • Visit any of our branches to sign up.
  • Terms and conditions apply.