CalBank Shop Owners Insurance

By law, all commercial premises constructed with brick, stone or cement blocks/concrete and being used as a shop must have a commercial insurance policy. The CalBank Shop Owners policy therefore indemnifies the insured for loss or damage against unforeseen risks.

The Policy therefore affords our SME clients the convenience to comply with the law. It covers collapse of a building, fire, destruction associated to lightening, explosion, liability to the public etc. items that are covered by this policy are office equipment, building/structures, stock, raw materials, furniture, fixtures and fittings, plants and other equipment, stocks-in-trade, goods, merchandise etc.

Other benefits of this policy include:

  • Affordable and flexible premiums.
  • Available to non-account holders (terms & conditions apply).
  • Payment of medical expenses of third parties who suffer injury within your shop.
  • Claims are conveniently paid through CalBank (when applicable).
  • Claim shall be paid within 48 hours or not more than 7 working days (upon receipt of all relevant documents).
  • Cash-in-transit is not covered by this policy as it can be considered as an extension to the Shop Owners policy.

Accountholders and non-accountholders can access this policy.

  • Visit any of our branches to sign up.
  • Terms and conditions apply.