CalBank Women Banking

Women-Owned Business refers to a business that is:

(i) At least 51% by vote and value owned by a woman or women, where such woman or women direct or cause the direction of management, policy, fiscal and operational matters;


(ii) At least 20% by vote and value owned by a woman or women and;

(a) has at least one woman in a senior executive role (e.g. Chief Executive Officer, Chief Operating Officer, President, Vice-President or other senior executive management role and

(b) has a board of directors or other managing board or committee, at least 30% of the members of such board or committee are women; and where such ownership by women is real, substantial, in proportion to the interest owned, and continuing, going beyond the pro-forma ownership of the business as reflected in its ownership documents.

For businesses owned or managed by women with 51% ownership by vote and value or at least 20% by vote and value owned by a woman or women, we provide banking services, investment, advisory, financial and also investment services. These businesses include:

  • Agro-processing
  • Agri-business
  • Imports and Exports Trade
  • Commercial Activities (Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG), Retail, Distribution and Wholesaling)
  • Clean and Renewable Energy / Energy Efficiency
  • Health & Pharmaceuticals
  • Catering & Recreational Services
  • E- Commerce

Benefits to businesses for belonging to CalBank Women Banking include:

  • Specially designed products and services.
  • Accessibility to credit facilities.
  • Flexible collateral arrangement for Credits
  • Sensitization and education on Financial Business literacy and Capacity Building.
  • Specialized trade finance support.
  • Businesses owned by women
  • An enterprise owned and controlled by a woman


  • Certificate of Incorporation
  • Certificate of Commencement
  • Form 3
  • Rules and Regulations
  • ID  cards of all directors (A valid national ID)
  • Letter of introduction from Auditors
  • 1 passport picture each of all Directors
  • Resolution Nominating  Signatories
  • Resolution regulating conduct on the account (to be provided)
  • Initial Deposit


Sole Proprietor/Entrepreneur

  • Registration Certificate
  • Form A
  • A valid  national ID
  • 1 Passport Picture
  • Initial Deposit
  • Digital Finance Platforms and Support