Motor Insurance

This plan is a general insurance policy offered by Saham Insurance Ghana through CalBank. The CalBank Motor Insurance offers individuals and institutions the opportunity to provide coverage for any financial losses resulting from an accident or damages sustained by their vehicles. This policy provides three main coverages i.e. The comprehensive, Third Party and Third-Party Fire and Theft. Individuals and institutions can therefore opt to purchase any of these three products to provide coverage for their vehicles.


Bancassurance Partner

  • Flexibility in Premium payments (Monthly, Quarterly, Semi-annual or Annually)
  • You can buy any insurance cover other than the usual one-year period (i.e. 1 month, 3 months, 6moths etc)
  • You will have two months grace period for payment defaults. Policy terminates after 2 payment defaults
  • You can reinstate the sum insured after every claim at anytime within the year of cover

Third Party benefits

  • covers bodily injury and death caused to third parties
  • covers Loss of or damage to property belonging to third parties (a maximum amount of GHS5,000)
  • Covers Personal Accident benefit for the driver (An amount of GHS5,000)

Third Party Fire and Theft benefits

  • Covers all Third-Party benefits
  • Covers Damages caused by fire, lightning or explosion
  • Covers Damages during attempted theft or whilst it is stolen
  • Covers Loss/theft of the insured vehicle (Without recovery)

Comprehensive benefits

  • Covers all Third Party and Third-Party Fire and Theft benefits
  • Covers Accidental or malicious damage to the insured vehicle
  • Covers Personal accident and medical expenses for the insured and passengers
  • Covers Loss of or damage to personal belongings and clothing in the vehicle at the time of loss
  • Available to all Vehicle owners

For sign up

  • Pictures of Vehicle
  • A Valid National ID
  • Copy of DVLA VRC
  • A completed policy application form
  • Your consent to go on cover now

 For Claim

  • A completed claim form.
  • Police Report (Only for third party)
  • Driver’s Licence
  • Pictures of Damages
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