SME/Shop owners Insurance

This plan is a general insurance policy offered by Saham Insurance Ghana through CalBank. This Policy is specially designed to cover all the dangers and risks confronted by small and medium store proprietors. It provides protection for the store and its content. The sum insured relies upon the value of the store and the price of the content in the store.


Bancassurance Partner

  • Covers against loss or damages arising out of fire, lighting and domestic explosion
  • Covers special perils such as Flood, Aircraft, Storm, Explosion, burst pipes earthquakes, riot, burglary
  • Flexibility in Premium payments (Monthly, Quarterly, semi-annual or Annually)
  • Access to a Personal Accident cover and Public Liability cover up to GHS 2000(optional)
  • You can reinstate your sum insured after every claim at anytime within the year of cover
  • You can update the policy anytime a valuable item(s) is/are added to the content
  • You will have two months grace period for payment defaults. Policy terminates after 2 payment defaults
  • Available to all SMEs/Shop Owners

For sign up

  • A Valid National ID
  • Schedule/List of items to be insured
  • A completed policy application form
  • Your consent to go on cover now

 For Claim

  • A completed claim form.
  • Pictures of Damages
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