CalBank Salary Advance

The CalBank Salary Advance Credit (Salary Advance) is a quick facility that will enable salaried workers who receive their salaries through CalBank to meet their pressing needs by being able to access up to 80% of their next net monthly salary before they are paid. Permanent staff of reputable organisations who have received their salaries through CalBank PLC for more than three (3) months can access the facility.

  • Repayment period: Up to 30 days.
  • Security: Personal Guarantee of Applicant Assignment of salaries and allowances
  • Pricing: 2.00% per month
  • Funds are disbursed on a timely basis.
  • Flexible terms of repayment.
  • Clients shall be updated on monthly loan repayment via our CalBank Alert.
  • The Borrower should be a salaried worker receiving his/her salary at the bank for not less than three (3) months
  • Age Limit: 18 to 59 years.
  • Employment Records: Endorsement of request by the Applicant’s employer
  • Account Relationship: The qualified client must be an account holder to access the facility.
  • The Applicant must complete and submit the Salary Advance Application form.
  • Attached one (1) current Passport size photo
  • Copy of Valid National Photo ID Card
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