CalBank Shell Card

As part of our strategies to make banking convenient for our customers, CalBank Limited partnered with Vivo Energy (Shell Ghana Ltd) to sell CalBank Shell Cards.

The Card solution is offered to both individual and corporate clients. The solution is available to both CalBank account holders and non-account holders.

The card, which is personalized, is imbedded with a 2 kb microchip card. Each card is assigned a unique number thus restricting its usage for key and unique clients.

Other benefits of the card include:

  • Guaranteed card security (PIN activation)
  • Accessible by Personal and Corporate clients.
  • Funds on the card are secured (even if card is lost)
  • Card holders receive electronic monthly statements
  • Convenience of fleet management is also guaranteed
  • Helps in monitoring vehicle fuel consumption efficiency.
  • Access to Shell’s range of products and services including shops
  • Owner of a vehicle
  • Accountholders and non-accountholders can enjoy this service
  • You must fill out the Shell Card form
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