If You Are a Victim

If you are victim to a spoof or scam mail there are a number of things you can do to protect yourself and minimize your losses.

Discontinue further communication with the fraudsters: This is the first thing you should do once you realize that you have been scammed. Sending threatening messaging to these criminals will do no good. Conducting a private investigation by continuing to lead them on will not help either. Leave the criminal investigation to the professional law enforcements agents who have the prerequisite training and experience in handling criminals.

Contact your bank: If you have given out your bank account details, credit card number, pin and password to fraudsters, contact you bank and your credit card companies immediately. Tell them your fears and request to close your accounts and open new ones.

Contact your personal attorney: Inform your attorney of your situation and seek professional legal advice.

Report to law enforcement officials: Register a complaint with your local law enforcement agencies.