CalBank Ghana has been alerted to an increasing number of “advance fee fraud schemes” intended to defraud unsuspecting individuals and companies. In response to this alert, CalBank Ghana warns against fraudulent online domiciliary account opening solicitations, funds remittance orders, investment deals and advanced fee fraud schemes that misuse the Bank’s name or claim to be affiliated with CalBank Ghana.

Advanced fee fraud schemes involve solicitations that encourage potential victims to provide personal information such as signatures, bank account information, photocopies of drivers’ license and national passport and most importantly to pay certain advance fees and account opening deposit amount. In return, the potential victim is promised the remittance of sums of money which the solicitor has no intention of paying.

Law enforcement agencies estimate that thousands of these advance fee fraud solicitations are sent by fax or e-mail every week and are addressed to individuals and companies around the world.

CalBank Ghana disavows such schemes, and cautions the public to be wary of these and other similar solicitations that falsely claim to be from the Bank. We expressly dissociate the bank from any transaction entered into on the strength of such scam mails/correspondence or any other representation made via any of the fictitious websites/e-mail addresses.

Please be informed that http://www.calbank.net remains the only authentic and genuine website of CalBank Ghana whose registered head office is at 23 Independence Avenue, P. O. Box 14596, Accra-Ghana

Our transactions on the internet are all in Ghanaian legal tender i.e. GHANA CEDIS and not in other foreign currencies, such as Great Britain Pounds Sterling, United States Dollars, etc. Please note that we do not initiate and/or conclude our banking transactions on the web.

The Bank will not be liable for any loss incurred by any person who deals with the imposters contrary to its advice. In the event that you receive this kind of solicitation mails/letters, please disregard the senders and notify us.

For further enquiries, please send mail to customercare@calbank.net or call our e-banking department on (233-302)680061-69,680079. You can also call us toll free on 0800 500 500.

You may visit http://www.scamorama.com/ to learn more about scam