The CalPay service has been designed to serve the needs of Merchants and institutions who receive payments. It facilitates payment of various utilities and services offered by merchants. The service has been deployed on the CalBank App but can also be deployed on the web. The CalPay Payment engine can be integrated into a merchant’s website to allow them receive payments directly.

  • Access to an online portal to create a virtual shop and upload items on the CalBank App for customers to make purchases
  • Enable merchants to also receive payments from customers on the CalBank App after a service is rendered
  • Merchants can generate payment invoices to customers anywhere to make payments
  • Merchants can manage stock of items on the virtual shop
  • We can integrate our payment engine with the merchant’s website to enable the merchant receive payments directly on their website.
  •  Merchants can receive payments from Mastercard/ Visa cards, MTN MoMo, CalBank accounts and CalPay wallets
  • Merchant should meet an average Monthly transaction volume to be specified by the Bank
  • A CalBank account
  • A Completed CalPay Merchant Registration form
  • A signed CalPay Merchant Agreement
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