Transactional Banking Services

We offer a range of commercial banking Products and Services for our corporate clients including domestic and cross-border payments, international trade finance as well as depository, custody and other related services. It comprises Cash Management, Trade Finance and Business Financing businesses. By this, we are able to streamline and simplify the business operations of our clients on all activities on their corporate account.

Cash Management Services
Cash management is the process of collecting, managing and investing cash on behalf of our clients. It gives clients the assurance that their cash management needs are well addressed.

CalBank’s suite of cash management services assist clients in the management of their cash to ensure financial stability and solvency. We cover basic salient account activities such as checking of account balances, automating payroll, investing funds and the establishment and management of standing orders on the accounts. The services offered include:

  1. Payment Solution Services – Our payment solutions have been dramatically improved aimed at meeting the required payment needs of our corporate clients. We simplify the payment process by helping our customers to route their payments through the easiest, fastest and most efficient channels to both foreign and domestic suppliers/partners. Additionally, a single payment file can be uploaded from our Internet Banking platform thereby minimizing manual processing by automatically sending a beneficiary advice to each vendor and supplier concerned as well as sending notifications to the client’s mail or phone to facilitate reconciliation.

The services offered include:

  • Telegraphic Transfers
  • International Bank Draft
  • Domestic Transfers (GIS)
  • Salary Transfer (ACH)
  • Payment Orders
  1. Account Management Services – We provide a wide range of personalized and reliable, world-class banking solutions that help our clients improve liquidity and cash flow to optimize their treasury and payment businesses. These services are rooted in the bank’s experienced corporate account relationship management.
  2. Cash Collection Services – Our collection process has been simplified to enable our clients to route their payments through the most efficient channels at locations and times convenient to them thus reducing the average turnaround times to less than 1 day.

Our range of collection services includes Cash Pick Ups, Cheque Clearing, Direct Debit, Ghana Interbank Settlement (GIS), etc.

Collection Services provided include:

  • Teller Pick Ups
  • Direct Debits (Electronic Pulling)
  • Cheque Clearing & Collection
  • Inward Transfers
  1. Liquidity Management Services – Moving funds, when and where needed on a timely basis in compliance with the regulatory requirements requires effective cash optimization. To do so, we provide sweeping solutions automatically to consolidate surplus funds while funding any deficits when possible, thereby reducing interest expenses. Our corporate clients will then be able to maximise their returns on the surplus cash.
  2. Corporate Investments – We offer unique investment solutions to our clients through our Treasury Department. Clients are advised on all types of investment opportunities at their disposal and their diverse returns. Competitive rates are paid on the preferred investment option selected by clients.

Some of the investment instruments clients benefit from in terms of higher interest rates whenever their funds are swept are:

  • CalBank Sweep Account
  • CalBank Call Account
  • CalBank Fixed Deposit
  • CalBank InvestPlus
  • Treasury Bills.
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