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  • CalBank Students Account

    CalBank Student Account is a unique account specially designed to help students manage their finances...

  • CalBank Current Account

    CalBank current Account provides you with a flexible and convenient way of performing your everyday banking transactions...

  • CalBank KiddySave Account

    Giving your child the right jumpstart in life could never be earlier. Inculcating in your children how to manage their money...

  • Loan Products

    Auto Loan, Employee Loan, Mortgage, Salary Advance, Universal Motors Auto Loan, Ecofridges Consumer Loan

  • Bancassurance

    Ultimate Classic Farewell Plan, Ultimate Premier Farewell Plan, Education Plan, Motor Insurance, Homeowners Insurance,SME/Shop owners Insurance

  • Payment & Transfer Services

    FX Pay, Shell Card,Point of Sale, School Fees Collection Service, Standing Orders Solution

  • CalBank Premium Account

    CalBank Premium Account is a hybrid account designed to offer the unique benefits of both savings and current accounts...

  • Home Invest Account

    CalBank Home Invest Account is a special savings account tailor made to offer middle- and upper-class income earners...

  • CalBank FlexiSave Account

    This is an interest yielding account uniquely designed to address the savings needs of our individual clients...

  • Save & Invest

    InvestPlus Account (CIP), Income Securities, SuperSave Account, Deposit Account, Treasury Bills

  • Convenient Banking

    CalBank NSAWA, CalBank App, Proxy Pay,E-Alert, CalNet

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